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For my last birthday, Peter gifted me with an underwater photography class. I’ve been doing underwater photography on our annual scuba trips for several years, but I wanted to improve my skills and Peter thought this would be the perfect gift. He was so right. So where do you go to practice photography when the nearest coast is a thousand miles away? How about the local aquarium?

Here is my offering from that really, really fun day:

This squirrel fish let me get really close.

A Blue Tang

A Grouper showing his insides

I don’t know what this fish is called. But it was pointed down like this for both dives.

This Red Snapper was really checking me out. It got so close that I couldn’t focus on its nose!

By the way, that’s Peter in the bar enjoying a beer.

Peter took this picture of me having fun!

So what do you think? Did I do O.K.?



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