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Being a bodyworker, my daily routine includes washing, drying and folding seven sets of flannel sheets. Any of you who have cats, know that they love warm things, sunspots, tops of appliances, anything that’s warmer than the ambient temperature. And my little Tonkinese boy, Cielo (it means “heaven” in Spanish), especially loves the laundry just out of the dryer.

Cielo can be sleeping in a room on the other side of the house, but when he hears the dryer beeping and me walking towards the laundry room, he comes running. He jumps onto the pile of hot sheets that I’ve dumped on the sofa and tunnels in. Then we play this game where I pull the sheets out to fold and he grabs them in a tug of war until the job is finished.

I just hope none of my clients or members of the State Regulatory board sees this (just kidding)!



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Just a little humor today!


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